Wednesday, November 16, 2016



        A couple weeks ago the host of "Jimmy
Kimmel Live" (his name is Jimmy Kimmel)
announced his intention to promote today.
November 17th. as "National UnFriend Day!"
         The well know comedian argues that
Facebook friends are undermining true friendships.
He points out that no one can actually know the
average of 130 friends people have on the
social media site.
          He's right. I don't really "know" most of
the 3634 people currently listed as my FB
Friends. Many knew me from my work on
television and sent the initial Friend Request
to me. And a lot of those to whom I have sent
a request are know to me through the broadcasting
business or other off line connections.
        Even though they're listed as friends I'm
sure some folks don't really take the time to
read or "like" my posts or my daily blog.
         Still I don't intend to participate in this
"National Day." Now to be totally honest I
have unfriended a couple people from time
to time. Almost always because of language
I find objectionable.
         I was very tempted to erase a few
during the recent election but choose,
instead, to remain silent and continue
with my posts on every day life. As I've
written more than once..."A closed mouth
gathers no feet."
          Rather than begin a massive Unfriend
effort I have decided to send a Friend Request
to Jimmy Kimmel! Hope he accepts me and
that all your NEWS is good.

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