Thursday, November 24, 2016



   Wow! Another great Thanksgiving meal
is in the books (and in me as well!).
    Every year I look forward to the turkey
the mashed potatoes, and, of course, the
desserts! I am a meat and potatoes man!
    In years past I might have scoped a 
very small portion of filling on my plate
just to be sociable. I doubt that more than
a forkful every found its way into my
     There was an exception. It was years
ago when my Dad was still around. He
often made an Italian stuffing that
featured hot Italian sausage and a nice
Italian cheese.
      My wife remembered helping him
with it once. So this year we stopped
at an Italian grocery store where she
managed to find just the right cheese. We
already had the sausage and, on Wednesday
night, she began to put what she remembered
as the recipe together.
      At the Thanksgiving table I took my
usual portion of turkey and mashed
potatoes. Then, almost as it their were
a drumroll in the background, I put a
portion of the stuffing on my plate. I
tasted it first, so I could put it aside if
it were "stuffing as usual."
        But she got it! Wow! It was
fantastic. My second helping was
followed by a portion placed in a
plastic container to bring home with
some left over turkey!
         Dad would be proud!
         Hope she remembers how she
made it and that all your NEWS is

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