Sunday, November 6, 2016


     MONDAY, NOVEMBER 7TH., 2016
                RIGHT ON TIME!

         Well here we are. It's the first full
day of Eastern Standard Time (if you
live here in Pennsylvania) and all of our
clocks are set to the right time. Well
pretty close anyway. One of our clocks
is set about 5 minutes fast to........well....
I'm really not sure exactly why. But I
think there once was a good reason.
            My wife set the clock in her
car. It's the easiest one we've ever had
with an hour and minute button you
can actually set with your finger.
             The "main clock", the one in
our kitchen has to be turned manually.
If you follow the rules you're suppose
to turn it ahead 23 hours to the proper
EST. Hopefully this isn't a law because
if it is I'm going to jail. I defy the rule
and turn it back one hour.
              The VCR or DVR or whatever
you call them set themselves these days.
The signal actually is transmitted to the
units through your cable or satellite
              Unfortunately I've got one
VCR that isn't connected to cable or
satellite and it's time reading is always
incorrect. I have corrected the problem
with a piece of black electrician's tape
which now covers the reading.
             The only clock that nearly
escaped my attention is my wrist
watch. I thought I was nearly an hour
late for church Sunday but actually
showed up a few minutes early! It
took nearly the hour I gained to
remember how to reset it without
changing the date too!
            It's times like these I really
appreciate my Miata. It doesn't
have a clock!
            Hope you're right on time
and that all your NEWS is good!

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