Thursday, November 10, 2016


     My wife had a medical test scheduled
in Philadelphia Thursday. It was a very
interesting experience!
     She was told to arrive at 11am so we
decided to start the two hour trip just a
bit early just in case.
     The 70 mph speed limit on the old
Pennsylvania Turnpike made for a great
start. I managed to sneak it up to 75mph
and still watched everybody, including a
State Police car, zip by me! Still my GPS
system showed I had cut about 5 minutes
from my expected arrival time!
       Then I got on the Schuylkill
Expressway! For the handful of you who
don't already know the Schuylkill is
basically a two lane highway through
the city of Philadelphia that was obsolete
about two years before they finished
building it. It features mergers and left
lane exits that bring traffic down to the
speed of a funeral procession.
      Thanks to our early start we did make
it to our destination in time to negotiate
our way through a parking garage that
seems as big as Rhode Island and it's
pedestrian walkway that eventually
leads to a building seemingly as high as
that state!
       That's where a lot of our "fun" began
as most everyone we encountered asked
where our "kid" was. You see her
appointment was at the Children's
Hospital! And we didn't bring "a kid!"
        It's a great place with background
music, colors, and designs all put in
place to make the hospital experience a
little easier on children.
        We, conversely, wondered if the
the equipment to be used on my wife's
test would be big enough to accommodate
her! Luckily it was!
        I wrote most of this essay before
our day at the hospital was done. So should
you be reading this late by a day or so
you'll know the bread crumbs I dropped
were insufficient to lead us back to our
car parked somewhere in the huge
basement of this massive complex!
      Hope I can negotiate the Schuylkill
one more time and that all your NEWS
is good!


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