Tuesday, November 22, 2016


                    OH HAPPIE DAY!

      Please accept today's Blog as a "Thank You"
to all of you who took the time to pick my daily
essay as "Best Blog" in Happening Magazine's
annual competition!
       This is the second consecutive year my
blog was selected in a contest that allows
readers to vote on line or by mail on the best
businesses in northeastern Pennsylvania.
       Of course my blog is far from being a
business. I usually just kind of throw it
together based on nutty things I've noticed.
Most of the time they're things that have
happened to me during my daily existence.
       Last year I was unaware of the contest.
The results took me by surprise!
       It was different this year. I knew the
competition had started. After pausing
for just a moment I even cast a vote for
myself. I wasn't sure I should. But then
I realized it was pretty likely that Donald
and Hillary both voted for themselves!
And what if there was a tie? Maybe my
vote made the difference!
      On Tuesday at the Raddison the
magazine threw a big luncheon for all
the winners. I was in some really high
class company!  I'd like to congratulate
all of those who received the "Happie
Award! You can see all the winners in
the December issue of Happenings.
They give it away free!
Kind of like my Blog!
       You should get it every month
and watch for next year's contest.
Maybe I can get the Triple Crown!
        They ought to have one for
the best readers. You guys would be
a shoe in!
        Hope you're all "Happie" and
that all your NEWS is good! 


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