Thursday, October 13, 2016


      FRIDAY, OCTOBER 14TH., 2016
   Regular readers of my daily Blog already
know how I enjoy seeking out little known
holidays. It gives us extra reasons to make
every day special.
   There were several possibilities for this
day....October 14th.
   This is, for instance, "Be Bald and Free
Day." I guess it's got possibilities. But it's
also "National Dessert Day" and, to me, that
takes the cake! (Get it, Dessert...Cake...
oh well.)
   This is the day you're suppose to forget
about the diet and enjoy a special treat even
if it comes with a lot of calories and high
fat content.
   Some will suggest it's the perfect day to
order dessert first....and for every meal!
   To be completely fair, it's also "World
Egg Day."  You can celebrate both with
any number of great desserts made from
eggs! That way you can sort of 'have your
cake and eat it!" (Sorry. I just couldn't
   I know I sort of put "Be Bald and Free
Day" on the back burner. But, let's face
it. A lot of people don't enjoy being
bald. But a lot of bald people do enjoy
a good dessert!
   Anyhow, there are three good reasons
to celebrate today.
   Hope you do and that all your NEWS
is good!

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